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People come from all over california just to visit two things " The queen mary and these hot male and female strippers listed below with some color photos, We also service bachelor and bachelorette party's within miles from bell gardens, seal beach, lakewood, montebello, anaheim, san pedro, cypress, hawaiian gardens, and all of los angeles county especially on the weekends, Are average time of arrival to your event is about 25 minutes give or take.

LONG BEACH RATES - Our rates are fair and are all set as local prices for any type of exotic dancers you will need for your special show " We have some featured black, white, latin, and asian peformers below that you can choose from. Everyone we have listed is a current employee of SYP and our excellent team.

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The best time of the year to order your dancers is actually in the winter or fall because it is considered our slow season so you have a chance of getting a better deal.
Black Male And Female Entertainers - Long Beach Local Company
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Do not forget to spice your bachelorette party or ladies night out with a special limousine pick up " These men can actually perform in the limo while its on the road.

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